Train Trestle

The sun returned to the valley today so I headed out for a walk at lunch. It wasn't a walk to get the heart-rate up. It was a walk to breathe and enjoy the day for a short bit. Several other team members had had the same idea. We were out in force. 
This is the first time that I can remember in which a train came over the trestle while I was out walking. A momentous occasion for sure. Of course it was loaded with toxic chemicals, which freaked me out. I am not a doom-sayer, but I just knew an accident would occur while I was in the area.
The sky was a bit over-exposed, so I decided to use the poladroid. I like the way it turned out. Next time I will have to get a picture of the gentleman who always tips his hat when I see him on his walk. Such a formal, last century gesture. I love it. TGIF everybody. Have a great weekend.


Lowell said…
Photography is art. You are an artist. This is an excellent example of the work of an artist!

Re bread: When a kid, I spent some time on my grandma's farm in Cook, Minnesota (north of Virginia)...she baked all her bread in a big, old wooden stove. Made all her jams. We made butter in the back room.

God, that stuff was good!
Randy said…
I have to agree, what an artistic shot.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
What a great shot, the Polaroid creates such a 'timeless' feel to a picture. Glad there was no tragic chemical spills while it was passing by!!
Birdman said…
We have many like these. Laden with chacter, I say.
Anonymous said…
I love that you made it old looking! Very cool and very nostalgic! I can't wait to see the hat-tipping man!

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