Statues representing the four phases of the life of Christopher Columbus: 
Vision, Persuasion, Discovery, and Chains.
The plaque contains the following text:
Christopher Columbus, 1448-1510, was a Genovese mariner in the service of the great Spanish Empire of 500 years ago whose vision of a world connected across uncharted seas led to his arrival in the new
world in 1492. Returning from the first voyage (1492-93) and marching in triumph from Palos to the court in Madrid, Columbus bore a parrot on his wrist as the symbol of his discovery, as the phoenix was the bird of renewal in the classical world, and the dove the voice of the medieval world, the vision of Columbus is symbolized by the multicolored, exotic symbol of the western world. The young Columbus staggers before the certainty of a greater world, which, with his navigational skill, he will ultimately traverse. He explains to the skeptical powers that the world is spherical and small and the sea to him is as the land is to them. As he placed his foot upon the rich earth of the new world, Columbus set in motion ripples that continue to affect the lives of modern men and women around the globe. Despite the depth of his vision, Columbus returned to Spain a man broken of spirit and bound by the society in which he had once flourished. The visions that make men great are as timeless as we are timebound, where there is no vision, the people perish. Vision is our consolation. Why do mountains, rivers, nations, cities all over the world remember this man's name? As history weighed more heavily in the old world, he saw a vision of a new world, may we too, in our communities and our time, share this renewing vision.


Rachel said…
What a great way to honor Columbus! Thanks for sharing this! I would never have seen it otherwise.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Fantastically detailed and complex sculpture, wonderful tribute to a great adventurer!
Randy said…
Interesting piece.
Grant said…
Very interesting look at the man.
Lynette said…
Unique memorial for your post today. Thanks!
Lowell said…
This is soooo funny, Barb. Most of it isn't even true! Europeans knew very well the world was a sphere in the time of Columbus. Furthermore what he did was begin a process of horror that resulted in the genocide of millions of native peoples. He personally enslaved and murdered people in the name of his God.

I think there are some interesting things here about his navigational skills, but most of what is taught about Columbus is nonsense.

Sorry 'bout that; sometimes I do go on.

Re your comment about missing the striped awning: Hey, at my age, I'm lucky I didn't miss the sky!
L.D. said…
Interesting! If modern mariners had to sail the seas as primitively they wouldn't think it was possible.
cieldequimper said…
Thanks Lowell!

It's a very nice sculpture though.

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