Where's Your Hat

Caught this at the Ossahatchee Pow Wow last weekend. I think I was looking a the blue/purple hair and the orange hat, but after I really looked at the shot I realized that there was also a black and white check, red and white hats in the frame. Interestingly, almost everyone in the background is also hatless. For the record, I had a hat on my head. It was heading (no pun intended) for the 80's and I forgot my sunblock.


Lowell said…
Well, Google just ate my comment...I said this was a great slice-of-life shot. I love the purple hair and the orangish hat. And I think they are holding hands. I'd love to see them turn around! :-)
Rachel said…
I am mesmerized by the purple and blue hair. I hope that it is natural.
Love the colored hair... as to Pow Wows... several years ago while taking a school bus load of parents and children to the local pow wow at Seattle's Fort Lawton... I saw a handsome Native American man in full colorful Native dress on a cell phone... and dog-gone-it I had no camera... what a Kodak moment!
Halcyon said…
I had my hat out this weekend for some golf! On Saturday it was a stocking cap, but it warmed up enough on Sunday for just a regular hat.
Lowell said…
Good Monday! Re your comment on Images - the Corvette. You're absolutely right, but I don't think I've ever heard someone of the female persuasion indicate an interesting in Corvettes...of course, that's maybe because I've been so sheltered all my life! :-)

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