Bridge Work - 14th Street

Work is coming along of the 14th Street pedestrian bridge.
This is my contribution for The Weekend in Black and White.


Lowell said…
There's so many good things about this photo. It is geometrically pleasing; terrific reflections; excellent contrast. I also find it interesting how black & white photography tends to minimize the sense of time and place. If you showed this to people in different states and asked them to place and date the photo, I'll bet you would get a wild variety of answers.

That would be fun, right?
Randy said…
Interesting b&w.
Dragonstar said…
Building a bridge can take a long time. Plenty of good lines and shapes.
Rachel said…
The black and white give this photo a timelessness that is very cool. I wouldn't know when it was taken by looking at it. I also like looking straight down that rail.
Love this shot - especially the B&W.

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