City Mills Dam

City Mills dam will be removed along with the E&P dam as part of the river restoration project, but the work will not start (mid to end of 2012) until they finish with P&E. They are however, working on the extension of the Phenix City river walk, which is what I am standing on to take this shot. They have not added the railing yet so it feels like you are right on top of the water. The flow here is still full strength and the water roared. I have taken shot of City Mills and the dam, but always from the Georgia side looking east.


Halcyon said…
Dams are sort of amazing. I grew up near one and always loved going there to hear the sound of rushing water. Nice shot!
Grant said…
Hal you were also near the spillway of the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi! That is one that I knew all my life!
I just love old dams like this one. As sad as I am to see the past go, a river walk sounds wonderful.
Rachel said…
That's going to be so cool when you can kayak past this spot! You will be able to say, "Hey, remember when we couldn't do this because the dam was here?" Awesome!

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