E. Rosa Parks Avenue

Rosa Parks, a civil rights activist was born in Tuskegee, AL. In 1955, she refused to give her seat on the bus to a white passenger and rode the bus into history as her action started the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 


Rambling Round said…
Lots of Rosa Parks' Avenues around, or so it seems
Anonymous said…
I love that church in the background, it has some history to it as well...
cieldequimper said…
The name rang a bell. Very nice view!
Rachel said…
How very cool that y'all have a street named after her! I hope that we have one in Birmingham. I am going to go and check if we do this very minute!
Lowell said…
Rosa Parks was quite a hero considering what she did back then...it wasn't easy and in fact, given other incidents, could very well have led to violence.

Looks strange to see how your trees are bare and your grass has gone brown already.

Glad you had a good time with the class. I'll look forward to lots more beautiful paintings!
She was an amazing women, I am glad for the street naming, and find the church in the background so very appropriate, but often feel it should be a grand boulevard. Although I understand she was a very modest women, and that might very well have embarrassed her.

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