Hot Soup on a Cold Day

Not exactly!
This is my contribution to signs, signs.


Beer-cheese soup is good though! Eye-catching sign.
Love it, makes me want to go right in and sit down.
Randy said…
Now that's soup!
Halcyon said…
This looks like my kind of place! Great catch.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Great spotting Barb, but meanwhile look at those fab sculptures in the background.
Dianne said…
love this!!
the smiling tongue is funny
Lesley said…
and real honest beer soup! worth trying, for sure!
Jeff said…
I'll stop in to sample the brew...soup. :)
VioletSky said…
I suppose their 'catch of the day' might be beer, too?!
Good sighting.
Andy said…
Is it served in a mug or a bowl?
Rachel said…
LOL! That's funny! But I did think of beer-cheese soup like Sallie said. That will warm you up!

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