The Parking Garage Gets a Bath

Right after I snapped this shot, it started to rain. Isn't that always the way it goes. You wash your car, it rains. You water the lawn, it rains. You go camping (in a tent), and it rains. 
I was impressed by the fact that they used a board on the inside to keep the cars from getting wet. You can see  it right under the lift. 


Rachel said…
Wow! They even clean the parking garage! Now that is one squeaky clean city. I bet Monk would want to live there!
Lowell said…
That's a pretty cool system. Sure beats hanging on to the side of a building by a rope!
Anonymous said…
I've never seen a building being washing... interesting shot!
Randy said…
That's a big bath.
I am fascinated that the building is getting a bath. Amazing.
Reminds me of my stairway to heaven shot. We were on the same wavelength. Just when I start getting blah because it seems like nobody will leave a comment, you chime in. Thanks Barb! Have a great weekend.


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