I was waiting for my son at the doctor's office. I needed something to do so I snapped a few shots. 


Randy said…
Wonderful reflection. You captured it well.
cieldequimper said…
This is very cool. It looks like the window is splitting!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Great reflections. I had to chuckle, what are we like we bloggers, always looking for a good shot, and you've just proved you can find one in the most unlikely places, nice work!
Lowell said…
I do that all the time. Some of the shots work out, some don't. That's one of the joys of digital can shoot and shoot and shoot and it's not costing you anything for film or processing!

This one worked just fine. Cool reflection.

Re your comment on Ocala: You have a great sense of humor...George Clooney, indeed! :-)
Rachel said…
I hope that your son is okay!
L.D. said…
Goes to show there's art and intrigue evrywhere

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