Something I Am Thankful For

As I sit here on the day of my 1000th post looking through several days worth of photographs, I cannot find any that please me. I mean, this is a special day and I should post a special photograph, right? So I went back a a couple of weeks and pulled this shot of my husband. He brings joy to my life [almost] everyday and keeps me laughing. If you ask me the secret to our 34 years of marriage, my response would be laughter. So on this Thanksgiving Eve (and my 1000th post), I wish you a lifetime of laughter and love and someone special to share it with.


Rachel said…
Awww! What a wonderful tribute to your husband! And you made me laugh with the "almost" everyday comment. I know what you mean; sometimes, the dirty socks being left on the living room floor for the millionth time aren't that funny. LOL! But my husband knows how to make me laugh too. It keeps us young and diverts our attention.
cieldequimper said…
No photos satisfy you? I could find quite a few :-) but this one is just fantastic!
Happy celebrating for your 1000th and Thanksgiving!

(And to reply to your question re. the post on Seattle, the building is, in fact, a museum).
Congratulations. !000 posts is pure dedication, so I believe is 34 years of marriage :-).

Happy Thanksgiving. And here is to laughing out loud for the rest of our lives.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Barb on your 1000th... here's to 1000 more! Hoping you and yours have an equally enjoyable celebration today with your family and friends that I will with mine!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Congratulations on your 1000th post, brilliant! Happy Thanksgiving and your husband must be pleased with such tender sentiments. Lovely stuff!!

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