Thanksgiving Hands

The company I work for is a Partner in Education with Downtown Elementary. Departments within the company 'adopt' classes. A lot of the students come from financially challenged homes. We help with parties, buy them Christmas gifts, read to the students, mentor and tutor, and help whenever we can. Our department adopted a 3rd grade class this year and in return they made us these cards for Thanksgiving. I think they are great. How about you?


Lowell said…
That's a wonderful program. I'm glad the school follows through with an emphasis on gratitude and the kids can express that through these great cards!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I think it's fabulous idea, gives the students much more chance to get personally involved.. so nice and colourful too as an added bonus!
Wow, it is so nice to know that in this difficult time there are still people that take the time to reach out and help others. Love the gratitude you receive back, so creative and fun.
Grant said…
reminds me of school.... I miss it!
Rachel said…
Those are so sweet! Wouldn't they look good on your refrigerator?!

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