Well, It Is Football Season ...

... so today we have Jordan-Hare Stadium, Home of the Auburn Tigers. The stadium seats 87,451. It amazes me that that many people want to watch college football, or any kind of football for that matter. 


Lynette said…
I like the design of the outside of the stadium. Crowds at sporting events amaze me, too. Whenever I can, I like to attend sporting events, but I don't get the chance much here in Portland. Now that the greedy people involved in professional basketball had made one doofus decision after another, I have one less chance for each home game that I am missing!
Lowell said…
I'm with you. College football has been corrupt ever since I can remember. I was an insurance investigator years ago and learned quickly how athletes at major universities were paid off in all kinds of different ways. The football players usually made out best with apartments, cars and clothes. I'd say it's probably gotten worse since then.

The last pro game I went to was in Houston back in the 70s. It was awful. And don't get me started on professional athletes!

Re your comment: That's our beloved Haley and she actually loved that cat, but the cat didn't reciprocate! :-)
Rambling Round said…
I take it you aren't a football fan? :) This stadium has really grown a lot bigger since I was a student there.
cieldequimper said…
Nice architecture actually, though I'm not into football, or soccer.
Rachel said…
I'm with you on the football issue. I don't believe that athletics and academics should ever have been merged. They don't belong together.

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