Cube Decorations

We had a cube decorating contest the week I was out of the office. I also missed a cookie swap, the department breakfast, and the after-hours cocktail party. I still managed to get a few pictures. Tomorrow I am on the hunt for more. 


Lowell said…
You work in a most festive place. That's rather cool...makes work a bit more fun, I would think. Too bad you missed some of the festivities, but you did a good job getting a sense of what went on and posting it here!
What a wonderfully FUN idea. Glad you captured the ones you did. - But miss the cookie exchange, now that is just plain sad.
cieldequimper said…
You have some cool stuff going on at your office, I wish we had too!

But maybe we'd end up being drunk parrots! :-)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Considering you were out of office so much Barb, you did an excelent job collecting these shots!
Love the profile pic. Love the array of decorations. Like you, don't like sweet tea either!
L.D. said…
Great eclectic collage!

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