Green Bench Shadow



What is that white stuff? Sure is pretty in a picture!
cieldequimper said…
Perfect. Just push some snow away and sit down for a minute to enjoy the scenery and the quiet!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Here's the thing Barb, I love the look of your snow and you fancy my sunshine...if only we could do a deal!! Your bench in the snow looks sooooo good to me right now!
Lowell said…
You must stop with the snow ... it's making me nostalgic for Minnesota! Heh, heh. Not!

Very beautiful shot, though. I think you've got the right idea; go north, take photos, come south to live!
Rachel said…
Hey, a bench full of clean snow! Scoop it up and put some syrup on it and you've got dessert, unless it makes you queasy thinking about all those rears that have parked there in the past. LOL!
exquisite shot that makes me shiver
There is something so serene about that photo. Lovely

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