Monochrome River Walk

This is my contribution for 'The Weekend in Black and White'.
We are out of pocket for the next week and I won't be able to visit.


Lowell said…
Very well done photo - great composition and the b&w emphasizes what appears to be the cool, grey weather typical of winter.

Have a great time wherever thou goest!
RedPat said…
It looks lovely!
Anonymous said…
I like the gentle arc of the walk and agree with Lowell that the choice of b&w enhances your shot... what are your temps like?
Randy said…
Beautiful just so beautiful.
Birdman said…
I'd take this one too!
What an interesting take on what was probably a very fall scene. Lovely
LauraX said…
This looks like a lovely place to walk and gather one's thoughts with the beautiful leaves gathering 'round your feet... beautiful photograph.
cieldequimper said…
I'd love to walk through those leaves!
Dragonstar said…
All those leaf shapes - wonderful!

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