After the Fire

I had to dig back thru the archives for a shot today. We have severe weather here today. I shot the Swift Denim the day after the fire here, this was taken about a week later (when the police line came down). It might be considered 'safe', but it was still smoking with several hot spots.


hamilton said…
This is a sad story. It leaves a huge gaping hole in the town.
Lowell said…
That's dramatic! What a fire. Maybe your city would like a copy of your photos for their archives?
Halcyon said…
This looks like a serious fire. Hoe no one was hurt. :(
Hope you are enjoying your weather, or at least making the best of it. The shot is just eerie with the smoke coming out, and knowing it is a couple of days after the fire.
Randy said…
Wow, that cause alot of damage.
Rachel said…
It looks like a war zone! I hope that they will clear away the rubble and build something nice to take its place.
cieldequimper said…
It's horrible to say but I think it's photogenic despite the sadness.

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