A Bench for Visitors

Evan's Cemetery In Ladonia, AL. 
This is my contribution for Taphophile Tragics.


Kathy said…
Might as well sit a spell and renew memories of the deceased!
Julie said…
Yes, like Kathy, I feel it is an encouragement for us to linger. We have seats here in Australia, and I know there are seats in Parisian cemeteries. Both cities have wooden benches. And they are often near the essential tap.

I have tried to check out where your Chattahoochee Valley is, Barb. I gather it is not really far from Birmingham over close the the Alabama/Georgia state line. Welcome to Taphophile Tragics. I hope you enjoy your meander through our assorted posts.
Lowell said…
I find this to be a very sad picture! Very poignant. The cemetery appears unattended and those 1960 lawn chairs are, well, depressing.

Great photo!
Rachel said…
LOL! I don't agree with Lowell at all! I think it looks cozy and inviting! Cemeteries need more places for people to sit and enjoy the scenery. I never find cemeteries to be depressing, unless I am there for a funeral. I don't like that very much. - People used to go to cemeteries and have picnics and stroll the grounds like they were real parks. But they never played baseball there. Just sayin'.
hamilton said…
Those seats look mighty comfy (though they could do with a fresh paint job). Now that you mention it,I must look to see how common benches are in our cemeteries. It would be a nice idea. We have benched that are dedicated in memory of someone at parks and boardwalks, so why not cemeteries?
Annie said…
One bench, two seats. Even unoccupied, it looks like there are visitors.

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