LeMo's Grill

in Ladonia, AL
We have a new sandwich shop in town. LeMo's Grill. A friend from work and I went and checked them out  for lunch and found it to be a friendly little place. Lee, our proprietor, specials in Chicago-style sandwiches and pizzas. However, I was in the mood for some Turkey Chili (with cheese and raw onions). Prices are reasonable and the food was good. You can't ask for much more than that. We didn't have any dessert, but that gives us a good excuse for back for another visit. 


Karl said…
Looks inviting.
Lowell said…
Nice and clean. The booths are quite attractive. And you say the food is good. What's not to like? I'd certainly give it a try. But what's for dessert? :-)
Lowell said…
Oh, re your funny comment on Ocala DP: The worst soggy bottoms I recall were on my kids many years ago!
Birdman said…
This reminds me... time for breakfast.
Rachel said…
Oh my goodness! What a cute place! I love the red booths and the Chicago skyline artwork! That definitely looks like a place that I would want to frequent! Especially since they have homemade desserts!

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