The Linwood Lady

Lottie Autry (1/9/36 - 6/10/97) - The Linwood Lady
Author and historian. She was a noted genealogist and author of "Linwood Cemetery" and several other books of Georgia and Alabama local histories. She was the first uniformed female law enforcement officer in Columbus,Ga and served in all three branches: Marshals Office, Sheriffs Office, and the Police Department.
The Historic Linwood Foundation presents their annual award, the "Dolores Autry Award",  to the person who has contributed most each year to the Linwood Cemetery's benefit and legacy .
This is my contribution for Taphophile Tragics. I selected this plot because it was unique.


Lowell said…
A very interesting story and a rather unique grave site.
I bet she left instructions about what she wanted as a grave marker. Despite her accomplishments, she must have been an unassuming person.
hamilton said…
This seems an unusual grave site for someone so involved in the cemetery and yet it stands out in its own way.
Ann said…
I like its simplicity and it certainly is unique.
tapirgal said…
This is quite a find. She helped so many to be remembered, I hope she has some information on rhe big stone, too.
Julie said…
It is well-maintained, with all those blooming flowers. Fairly young age at which to die, though.

Now to the symbolism of those nails. They are very much like the cross on Calvary, don't you think? I wonder if the Linwood Lady was very religious? But for someone very religious to put three nails just so, seems to me to be presumptuous. Comparing their own death to the death on the cross. What do you think? Is there a more simple and down-to-earth explanation.

I do love the simplicity, and the location under that tree is just perfect. Dorothy may have been a person who liked wandering Linwood and sitting and pondering on benches.

Lovely contribution to Taphophile Tragics this week, Barb. Thank you.

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