Mark's City Grill

When your sons work in the restaurant industry, you tend to try out the restaurants where they work. My oldest son started working at City Grill right before the holidays, but to tell you the truth I had never heard of it till he got the job. Then I started asking around and no one had anything bad to say about the food. They serve food made using family recipes, but on this day I was interested in the Pimento Cheese Burger with Jalapeno Jelly and Bacon. I know, it sounds like a heart attack on a plate, but I asked for a kiddie portion and had grilled squash as my side. Both were delicious. Oh, and the cornbread was pretty damn good too (my son brought me a sample, one of the perks). I took a shot of my food, but I don't like to use flash in restaurants and it didn't turn our to well. Just an FYI, the place looks pretty empty right now (we arrived early for dinner) but all the tables were full by the time we left. If I were into ratings, I would have to give this restaurant 5 Cornbread Muffins. Good Eatin' Ya'll.


Lowell said…
I can't believe you ate a pimento cheese burger with bacon, jelly and something else! And you survived! :-)

Nah, I'll take your word ... the food is good. When are you going back? That's the real question!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Nothing beats a good burger Barb! I like what you've done with this shot, looks very 50's diner!! I hope your son keeps bringing home the cornbread haha!
cieldequimper said…
I wouldn't mind a cornbread muffin right now! nice treatment here!
Karl said…
A very attractive environment.
5 Cornbread muffins - I think you have a new rating system :-). Always tough when loved ones are in the food biz, you get a jaded eye, and a slightly larger waist line.
Lynette said…
Sounds like a certified five cornbread muffins place to me! And that burger. What great flavors!

About shoveling my driveway--I don't have one, I don't even have a car, hallelujah! I live in an apartment building and mostly use mass transit as well as the occasional Zipcar, a car share thing. I am blessed.

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