On the Roof

We went up to the roof on Friday to watch the demolition team blast some rock below the P&E dam for the river restoration project. We were warned that the 'explosion' might rattle the windows of the building and we would hear the 'boom'. Being a block away, the top level of our parking deck would a prime viewing location. The 'blast' was scheduled for 2:30. 
At 2:45 we were still waiting. During the wait, I shot a few snaps of Columbus' skyline.
At 2:50, the police finally stopped traffic on the 13th Street bridge and we prepared for the 'boom'.
No BOOM, no BLAST,  JUST A SMALL poof of smoke ... disappointing : (


Randy said…
The view is amazing and look at those clouds! Marvelous.
cieldequimper said…
Lol, thanks for the arrow!!! I'd never have noticed otherwise.

Happy New Year (I'm late, I know!)
Rachel said…
What a bummer about the small puff of smoke with no sound. I might have been tempted to go and blow something up to relieve the disappointment. But you were rewarded with that gorgeous sky in the first photo! Love those cloud formations! - A quick way to blow up something and make a loud sound is to put about 10 small pieces of tin foil in an empty 2-liter bottle, pour some bathroom cleaner (called The Works) in there, twist the cap on tight and get back. The bottle will begin to expand in several minutes and then it will go BOOM! It is VERY satisfying.
Lowell said…
That just goes to show you can't wait for others to put the bang in your life...ya gotta do it yourself.

I like the panorama, though.

It could be also, that the bang will come when you least expect it!

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