Phenix Food Service

Phenix Food Service. Wholesale prices and bulk purchasing power for local consumers. Tom was looking for a beef roast that he could use to make some beef jerkey. He ended up at wally world. You can see Columbus in the background.


Interesting.. I found a food service outlet, but it was for restaurants and/or wholesale only... wah.wah.wah... I SO wanted to go int here!
happy new year for you and family
Lowell said…
"Wally World"?

This is a very interesting must have used a special processing. It reminds me of something I've used to give the effect of an old Polaroid photograph.

Maybe you should get Tom a GPS? ;-)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Like Lowell, I'm not sure what Wally World is either it the same as Wall Mart?
Rachel said…
Looks like it was taken in the 70's.

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