Rails to Trails

This sign popped up near the 14th Street bridge last fall. I took a shot of it then, but never got back to it. Yesterday there was a bike chained to it so I figured I better capture another shot. Apparently, this is the beginning (or the end depending on your perspective) of the Fall Line Trace trail in Columbus. The trail follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way of the Norfolk and Southern. The trail runs for 11 miles to Midland, GA. The trail is asphalt and concrete and is approved for skates, skateboards, bikes, pedestrians, and wheelchairs. I may have to 'take an urban hike'.


Lowell said…
I love the Rails-to-Trails program...we got a number of trails here in Florida that area part of it, but the most fun we've has been in southern Minnesota - there's a Rails-to-Trails in the bluff country (Lanesboro) that goes for 70 miles. Lois and her sister road 50 miles (25 out and 25 back) in the heat of the summer. They're crazy. And they both collapsed when they returned! Sheesh!
Rachel said…
What a great way to reclaim outdoor space for the people! I am so glad that they allow so many modes of transportation. That will encourage a lot of use!
cieldequimper said…
That's very, very cool.

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