Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shadow Tile

I went out for some fresh air at lunch today and found these interesting shadows on the sidewalk and into the grass. I at first I thought that someone had spray-painted the lines, but it was not paint. The sun must have been hitting the building just right to 'paint the lines'. It was a beautiful day in the valley. Not like winter at all.


Grant said...

hat is a cool effect! I've worked for the airline for over 2 years,

Rachel said...

How neat that you spotted that. You were there at the right time!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Very cool and different reflection Barb. I loved the French movie and would absolutely recommend it for some lighthearted laughs.

Lowell said...

Very interesting. Another photo that proves one should always carry a camera!

I also like your post-processing.

Isn't it fun to have a nice, warm day in the middle of winter?

La Principessa Errante said...

Fascinating, I thought they were tire marks. Great shot.