Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ice Rink

 I grew up in Minnesota, but I never could figure out ice skating. I had/have 'weak' ankles. I preferred my roller skates. TOM on the other hand was ice skating and hockey all the way. Ice skating came to Columbus about the same time that the Cottonmouths Hockey team did (10 years ago or so) and it has been growing in popularity ever since. You can buy an annual pass for $300 (one person) or pay as you go $7. Maybe I should give it another try. What do you think?


Rachel said...

Yes, give it another try, especially since you like to roller skate. Make sure that you rent the hard, plastic boot kind of skates. They will give you amazing ankle support and you will wonder why you never liked to ice skate. Also, go as soon as they open a session while the ice is still freshly resurfaced. That smooth ice feels like heaven! - I LOVE ice skating! I used to practically live at the rink when I was younger. But now the only rink around here is 45 minutes away. Bummer.

Lowell said...

Oh absolutely you need to try one more time. I loved to ice skate but I've lived in warm climes so long I don't think I'd last too long.

If we had one of these rinks, though, I would definitely buy one of those $7 tickets!