On Hiatus

CVDP is taking a short hiatus. I have a lot of things going on right now and it is hard to keep up with it all. I will stop by and visit as time allows. Until my return, I will leave one the guardian angels from Linwood Cemetery to keep an eye on things. Take care. See you soon.


Rambling Round said…
Beautiful. She should watch over your blog just fine. Hope you can return soon.
Lowell said…
I need some kind of guardian! We'll miss you, but wish you the best in accomplishing the things you need to do!
Rachel said…
Oh, we will miss you! I like that statue! I have really been into Victorian cemetery monuments lately. I will have to put Linwood on my list of cemeteries to visit!
Hilda said…
I can sympathize. Good luck and be well. And thank you for the guardian angel.
She is just gorgeous - take time - rest - we will see you when you are refreshed.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I wish the Angel could look after the animals in the karri forests down south Barb, if you have a peek at my post tomorrow you'll see what I mean. Enjoy your break and look forward to catching up when you get back.
She is beautiful! Take good care and come back soon.
Lowell said…
Hi Barb! So nice to hear from you! Are you home safe and sound? Hope that all went well. Thanks for the nice comments!
Halcyon said…
A lovely angel. Hope your hiatus is going well!
Lowell said…
Greetings, Barb! So nice to hear from you. I've been checking your blog frequently. Hope that all is well.

Thanks for your kind words about our new website. Weebly.com made it easy - just drag and drop. Great fun!

Look forward to seeing you back regularly soon!

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