Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms
Macon reportedly has 300,000 Yoshino Cherry trees and proclaims the title as 'Cherry Blossom Capital of the World'. The blossoms are white and soft pink, which you can see a bit of in the top shot. The trees are very sculptural (below) and make a wonderful centerpiece in your garden. They can grow quite tall, with a max height of about 40 feet.


Lowell said…
You are back, obviously! Hopefully, all is well. Love these cherry blossoms...I think they're some of the most beautiful tree blossoms in the world. And a very fine photo, too!
Grant Blakeney said…
I didn't see too many Cherry Trees until I moved to North Carolina... they are beautiful and smell a ton nicer than those bradford pears.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I love the cherry blossom trees. There's a garden I pass every now and then that is soooooooo plain, but in the very middle of the lawn they have a cherry blossom tree, so for a short while each year when it flowere, their garden is transformed.
cieldequimper said…
Aaahhh! How lovely!

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