Construction Zone

So I guess the river is 'officially' a construction zone.  Because of the Georgia Power dam at Goat Rock north of the current restoration work, the waters can rise rapidly when they start generating power. Anyone out on the rocks can get easily stranded, and ultimately drown in the river. Another reason to keep people out of the riverbed is so that Native American artifacts don't get picked up by the general population before the  archeologists can get down there. Also, they are expecting to find a few interesting things on the Alabama side of the river from the 'gangsta' days in Phenix City. Sleepy little town was quite corrupt back in the day.
This is my contribution for signs, signs.


RedPat said…
Sounds like a dangerous spot out there in the river!
Now that you have explained it it all makes sense. But I'm not sure I would have taken it too seriously.
Lesley said…
I had to laugh at that "sleepy little town was quite corrupt back in the day"!
Things were never really what they seemed.
Chrissy Brand said…
Facinating- are there many native American artefacts to find?

Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave
cieldequimper said…
Ah, I hope you'll keep us posted on the 'gangsta' finds!
Lowell said…
I'm not sure the sign will keep people out but it serves as a good warning. I remember the good ol' days in Phenix City...well, I wasn't there but I remember the reputation. It was actually rather scary to hear of the goings-on!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
That's fascinating Barb, you'll have to let us know what sort of 'things' they find, how intriguing.
Dianne said…
I guess if they put 'conservation zone' people wouldn't listen
pretty place
Maybe the sign should say "Danger, rapidly rising water."

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