Cahaba Lily (aka Shoal Water Lily)

Cahaba Lily (aka Shoal Water Lily)
Harris County, GA. Rare and threatened. Each year this private property is opened to the public to come in and see the lilies; typically for three weekends. The lilies are not on the endangered species list yet, but they are endangered. Once common throughout the southeast, today only about fifty colonies survive in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. They require a strict habitat and are difficult to transplant. 
The habitat for the lilies must be well-lit rocky shoals of streams and rivers. Other requirements are swift-moving, well-oxygenated water free of pollution and sediments. The primary pollinator of the lily is a nighttime visitor known as the plebian sphinx moth. The moth is attracted to the lily by the fragrance of the flower and the sugary reward it offers. Once seeds are produced, they drop into the water and sink to the bottom where they are wedged into rock and grow to become new plants.


Lowell said…
Oh, wow! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful plant. You couldn't have done any better...the exposure, color,'s all perfect! Kudos to you!!!
Gorgeous photo, absolutely fascinating story.
Randy said…
What a lovely flower.
Halcyon said…
What a fascinating flower. And beautiful too!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Gorgeous shot Barb, such a beautiful flower, hope they do the right thing to ensure it doesn't disappear forever.
Rambling Round said…
Gorgeous! And I thought it only grew on the Cahaba River in Alabama! I need to go see them some time.

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