Almost Perfect

Magnolia Blossom


Lowell said…
This is truly about perfect! We have some lovely magnolia trees in bloom, too, and I've taken pictures of the blossoms but none came out as nicely as this one!
Nothing almost about it - that is perfect. I absolutely love those large magnolia blossoms.
Birdman said…
I say perfection! Almost?
Looks absolutely perfect to me Barb. We had a magnolia tree in our yard in Oregon (before we sold out)...I think it was why we bought the house in the first place ;>)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Why almost barb, it's gorgeous and I bet it smells divine!!
I had to laugh about the Mr. Whippy thing, I guess it could sound a little strange haha! but yes it is an ice cream.
cieldequimper said…
Actually, what's "almost" perfect about this? It's totally perfect!
Paula said…
I love magnolias, they're just magnificent. Beautifully done. Just lovely.
Karl Demetz said…
Perfect flower and perfect shot!

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