Dalai Lama

While we were in Rochester, we had an opportunity to see the Dalai Lama. He gave two lectures while visiting the Mayo Clinic for his annual checkup. The first lecture, was for 100 Asian students studying medicine. He was also interviewed by Piers Morgan. I just happened to come upon him and his entourage while heading back to my dad's hospital room. The bottom shot is my direct-eye contact experience. Yes, he as was looking directly to me. My husband asked why was the shot blurry, my response 'I was bowing'.
Later that evening, we took my father to the Meditation room for a change of scenery. As we were preparing to take him back to his room, one of the secret service agents said that we might want to wait because the Dalai Lama was on his way to his room! Well of course we would wait. We were hoping that he might stop and speak with my dad, in fact I think he was heading our way, when the woman (standing on his left in the bottom shot) firmly gripped his hand and kept him moving. He did send a big smile and a personal wave our way. (We were the only people there.) We just stood there in awe. In speaking to Asians in the know afterward, we were told that we were blessed to have been in his presence. 
It sure made us feel special.  


Lynette said…
My goodness, this is a glorious post you've got here. Wow. Thanks for sharing.
What a truly fortunate experience. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo.
Lowell said…
You had a very special experience. And your photos are terrific. Our best wishes to your father!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
A wonderful experience Barb, hope things are going well with your Dad.

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