The Long View

This is the view the commander of the stockade would have had. The stacked stone marks the corner of the stockade wall. About mid-frame on the left is the re-constructed north gate. Prisoners would enter through the exterior gate which would be closed before the interior gate was opened. They were 'issued' a loaf of bread and a prison uniform. For the rest, they had to fend for themselves. As we drove around the site, the storm clouds started moving in.
Clara Barton (click the link to see what wiki has to say about her) led the efforts to get medical supplies, aid, and care for the troops. President Lincoln authorized her to gather information on missing soldiers to inform their families. Barton came to Andersonville in July 1865 to identify and mark the graves of the dead. 


cieldequimper said…
It doesn't look one little bit like what it was supposed to be. There must have been a lot of suffering here...
Lowell said…
Kudos to Clara Barton. She was a very special woman. We read about how our country still engages in dubious and torturous activities today but that's nothing new - unfortunately.

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