Squash Blossoms

Stuffed. I didn't have enough goat cheese to 'really' stuff them.
Dipped in beaten egg and deep fried in canola oil.


PerthDailyPhoto said…
How absolutely scrumptious Barb, and so pretty to look at too. Edible flowers give any dish that special look I think.
Randy said…
I've heard of these. They sound delicious.
Kate said…
Oh, how I love this food. Beautiful and delicious!
Oh am I jealous, love squash blossoms!
Rambling Round said…
We had fresh squash tonight but not the blossoms! Interesting!
Lynette said…
Hi! I was accidentally anonymous with my comment about the entrance to the cemetery--this time I will be sure to make an effort to be known--ha, ha! If it doesn't go right, this is Lynette from Portland Oregon Daily Photo.

This series of photo is wonderful. I'll bet you enjoyed yourself!
Gunn said…
Never seen photos like this.
Unique and pretty!

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