Andersonville, GA, 31711

With the United States Postal Service running in the red, small post offices like this were on the chopping block. But many rural communities rely on the services provided by these small outposts. Instead of closing the small offices, they will cut back hours to save on expenditures. 


Randy said…
Sweet little building.
Karl Demetz said…
What a cute little post office!
Virginia said…
Oh i'll bet they still sell Cokes in little bottles and have a jug of pickled eggs! HA
Lowell said…
You have posted the most interesting photos of late. We have a ton of these little post offices here in Florida, too, and they provide a service that should not be denied.

In fact, the whole Post Office "problem," is a scam. Congress made it "semi-private," then gave it a budget which was never enough, so it's a no-win for the Post Office, but it gives ammunition for the "privateers" to cry we need to privatize the post office and allow our corporate friends to run it (with government money, of course!)
Rambling Round said…
We have little post offices similar to this one. I sure hope they can continue to stay open. Love this picture!
You have to wonder how long even cut back hours is going to last. Maybe go back to the days when the store keeper got a small stipend to handle the mail.
cieldequimper said…
Same here, unfortunately.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Thank goodness they can keep it going, I would imagine that small post offices like this would be so important for many reasons, not just the mail.

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