Photography Challenge - Film Camera

I do not remember the last time I used this camera, but DPS set the challenge to shoot with a pre-digitial SLR camera, so here I am. On my way home from work, I purchased a three-roll box of 200 ISO film. Yes, film. I was surprised that the big box store actually had it! I pulled the old Canon out of the case (purchased in 1982 at Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs), cleaned up the lens and mirror, and gave it an overall wipe down. Next I needed to decide which lens to use. I selected the 80 - 200 zoom, I should have selected one of the fixed focal length lenses, but I didn't and I headed down to the river. In my hour walk I only took 12 or 13 shots. Next time I go out I will use the 28mm wide angle. It will be a miracle if the shots are not totally blown out. 


Madge Bloom said…
Funny I just pulled out my Ricoh SLR the other day and have film stored in the fridge, but it is probably no good... can't remember when I used it last.
Lowell said…
That's a great old camera. I've got a box full of super Nikons...but seldom use them anymore.

I would guess, though, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If I want to take some really super shots with a film camera, I get the Fuji slide film and have it processed by an outfit in California. It's not that expensive and can be fun.
cieldequimper said…
I would love to use my old camera. It's the developing that's a problem...
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Yes it is a temptation to get out the old Pentax and shoot a roll of film, but as Ciel points out, sometimes it's not always easy to find places that will still develop. Meanwhile Barb, I hope that when your roll is finished and developed we will get to see some of the images you've taken.

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