Iron Mike and Old Bill

This is the new entrance to Fort Benning, GA on Hwy 185, funded with BRAC funds; Iron Mike (Infantryman) and Old Bill (Cavalry Horse Soldier). Bill was a First Sergeant who died in the Spanish American War and he is the traditional mascot of the US Cavalry. There is no place to stop on the highway to get a shot, so you have to try and capture it as you drive by. This is actually a pretty dangerous intersection.
You can see another view of Old Mike here.


Lowell said…
Very nice! I think I drove by that intersection. I hope you weren't driving when you took that shot! :-)
cieldequimper said…
Oh wow, that's the kind of architecture that reminds me of not so cool days in Germany or communist countries...
All things considered, that is a great capture. What majestic statues!

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