Shabby Chic

A gazebo in Andersonville. The roof needs some work; I believe it is corrugated tin. However; it does have some interesting details: basket-weave on the steps, curliques, greek key, and the 'turned' posts. And let's not forget the rust. In the background you can see St. James Pennington Church. You will find another shot of it here. In the bottom shot, you can see more of the details. 


Lowell said…
It is really very nice and I think would clean up well. Might be a nice place for weddings or small concerts.

Re your comment on Ocala: You'll notice that I stayed quite a ways away from all the Sheriff's vehicles. We never did find out what that was all about. That church is big and powerful and probably kept it out of the news.
Lynette said…
Lovely sight, for sure. Thanks for the photo of the detials.
Randy said…
That is beautiful.
Birdman said…
On second and third thought, there'a a lot here.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh that's a little gem Barb, can you imagine how it would look with just a smidge of TLC, fabulous!
Halcyon said…
I can imagine a band playing here on Saturday nights and listeners sitting on the grass with cool drinks. A really nice spot!
How sweet - I actually like it in it's state of elegant disrepair.

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