The Varsity

The Varsity on North Avenue, Atlanta, GA. 
From their website: The World's Largest Drive-in sits on more than two acres and can accommodate 600 cars and over eight hundred people inside. On days of Georgia Tech football games up to 30,000 people visit The Varsity. It sells more than two miles of hotdogs daily, a ton of onion rings, 2500 pounds of fresh cut potatoes, 5000 homemade fried pies, and 300 gallons of chili, all of which are made from scratch daily. The downtown Varsity is also the world's largest single outlet for Coca-Cola.
The shot above is the queue to place your order. I counted 6 dining areas. I got ordered 2 chili dogs, onion rings, and coke. Personally, I have had better chili dogs, but the onion rings were great. 


Lowell said…
That's amazing. Looks like they have a license to print money!
cieldequimper said…
Probably a bit too crowded for me and too little real cooking BUT I love the architecture!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh my that is a lot of hot dogs!! Y'know even though you said they weren't the best you'd tasted, right now at midnight here in Perth I'd looooove a hotdog haha! The power of suggestion is string!
Jeff C. said…
Always a fun spot to visit. Though I confess I enjoy eating their food I haven't dined there in over a year. There's a lot of grease to spare in that place. :)
Still, I will return...

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