Worlds Widest Yardsale

We drove out about 15 miles west on Hwy 80, just past Crawford, so a thirty mile round trip. We didn't stop at each group of sellers unless they had something really interesting to look at. I believe this boat was 25$ (OBO), but I would think twice even at that price because there was a can of 'flexseal' on the back seat. I did pick up a couple of interesting looking picture frames tho for .25. It looks pretty good with my shot of the Cohaba Lily I took a few weeks back. 
Sorry for the poor quality shot...I was in a hurry!
The yard sale goes from the Georgia state line at Phenix City, AL to the Mississippi state line at Cube, AL. From the Yard Sale Website: "Organized by the Alabama Rural Development Office/ Black Belt Commission’s Marketing and Tourism Committee, this back roads tour will provide visitors with three fun-filled days of adventure, combining their love of treasure hunting with the many historical and cultural amenities found along the route." 


Birdman said…
Never seen a lawn sale I didn't stop at. Yup, I'm crazy.
ok That is unbelievable - what co-ordination that took
Lowell said…
I've heard of these multi-mile yard sales. I've never been to one. And that's a good thing. I'm probably crazier than Birdman. Well, maybe not that crazy, but I do enjoy looking about these places and once in a while find something of real value.

I do like your frame and the beautiful photo.

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