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Corner Signs

***** In Buena Vista, GA.  Repainted/restored 7up sign, Rx Drugs Rx, Broad Street and 4th Avenue. *****

Chef Lee's

The water garden at the local Chinese restaurant. The have several large koi and you can buy fish pellets to fred them The food is excellent (usually), but On this particular day I found a little something extra in my Mongolian Chicken.. a big wad of hair. Ewe. Really took my appetite away.

Discovery Island, River Restoration

***** Some shots of Discover Island from earlier this year with a mini-detonation at the end of the video clip. *****

Canvas Floor Coverings

***** Been pretty hot around here so I pulled this one from the archives. I haven't been visiting around or posting much these days because I have been so busy with other projects. Working on my painting and experimenting with others forms of arts and crafts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay cool.  *****

Heat Wave Day 2 Watercolor