The Channel is Complete

Part of the river restoration project was to preserve the Blue Heron rookery on Bird Island. This work appears to be mostly complete. I think they did a good job. What say you?

The natural flow in the river at this point was to the west; toward Alabama. During low flow periods the roots to the trees were exposed and and the tree was leaning dangerously. The birds were disturbed for a few months with the noise of heavy equipment and daily blasting to break up the rock. I hope they haven't been too traumatized.


Lowell said…
It is a beautiful scene. I'd say it was worth the effort!
Randy said…
Beautiful light in this photograph.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
It's beautiful Barb..I remember way back when you showed us the beginnings of this work. It took a while but looks as if its always been like this, as you say hopefully the wildlife will settle back after the havoc..
Birdman said…
What a wonderful view you have from this point. Happy Turkey Day!

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