Holiday Tea Towels at Wally World

I have been avoiding the grocery store like the plague, but I could not hold off any longer. But I only got enough for dinner tonight. Bread, milk, salad fixings, and a frozen lasagna. I know, I know, but I work full time and this ramp up to Christmas and New Years is really draining for some reason this year. Anyway, these cute little tea towels put a smile on my face as I passed through the produce department. At first I thought they were stockings and I thought, "what a strange place to hang Christmas stockings", but then I realized they were towels. Strange place to hang towels too, I reckon.


Janet said…
I haven't seen these at our Wally World, but haven't looked either! Anyhow, those frozen lasagnas and Grandma's Chicken and Rice Bake and Stuffed Bell Pepper meals come in handy.
Lowell said…
Is Wally World the name of a grocery store? Isn't Wally World the Chevy Chase version of Disney World? :-)

I like the stockings and/or towels. Might even entice a youngster to help dry the dishes. Wait, does anyone dry dishes anymore?
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I think I know how you feel Barb, when I see people going nuts in the shops around this time of year it makes me a little sad. It's like they've forgotten the whole point of the holiday..but the 'jolly' teatowels are a bit of fun

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