Looking for Christmas in All the Wrong Places

As I rule, I don't get SICK and when I do I don't like it (but who does?). Unfortunately, this year the odds are not in my favor. I dodged the dreaded hacking cough and congestion that appears to have taken over my office (and my husband), but I did catch  a cold. Recovered from that, I now find that I have a herpes zoster virus...yup shingles. Seriously??? My outbreak is mild, but it is near my eye which can be serious. Antibiotics are on board and I am home from work.
A few years ago, I was in Minnesota for Christmas and my 90 year old grandmother had an outbreak. Up till then, I never thought about (or was even aware of) shingles. Her outbreak was much more serious, but it still causes her trouble to this day.
So, de-stress, stay healthy and pay attention to any weird rashes you might discover.


Lowell said…
Thanks for the tip(s). I'm so sorry that you contracted this stuff. The wife of a good friend had shingles and suffered a great deal...that's the first I've known anyone who had it.

Take good care of yourself and our best wishes!
I am sorry to hear that. I advise everyone to get the shingles shot. So many people get it and from what I understand it can be awful. I think they dropped the age for the shot so I may go ahead and get it myself. Thanks for the reminder.

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