Reindeer Tracks Spotted on 1st Avenue

The annual Reindeer Run is a 1 mile fun run for adults and children. Money raised supports the Children's Miracle Network. They even had snow (artificial) for this year's run.  I was home with a bad cold so I did not make it : (


Oh, no - so many people are sick right now. I hope you get feeling better soon.
Abdul Mobin said…
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Anonymous said…
Reindeer tracks & Santa sightings! Fun!
Hope you get to feeling better, soon... I was sick a couple weeks ago, too.
No snow here, either =0
Lowell said…
I like the reindeer tracks. Sounds like a fun run and fun time for a good cause.

I hope that you are soon fully recovered and able to enjoy this jolly season!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Now that's a shame Barb, I can just see you doing the 'minute mile' right!!

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