Getting Ready to Party

My company is celebrating 30 years this year. In 1959 TSYS started as a division of Columbus Bank and Trust. In 1974, they started processing credit cards for other banks. In 1983, TSYS became a separate public-traded company. Today we have more than 6000 team members in locations around the world.

If you use a debit card or credit card, chances are we are processing your card transactions.


Hilda said…
Congratulations to your company!

Always fascinating to learn about essential backroom services, the kind regular consumers like us rarely get to know about.
Lowell said…
Wow, I didn't know that! Very interesting. Any connection to Equifax?

Party on!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
30 years and going strong hey Barb. p.s.if my husband queries the amount on my credit card..mum's the word haha!

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