Powerhouse Updated

Went for a stroll near the powerhouse today. They have completed the bridge to the viewing area near the class 4 and class 5 rapids. Officially a construction zone, but I snuck out there anyway. They are still working in the wave shaper (I will show that to you tomorrow). They still have alot of work to do to be ready for june.

No final decisions about the upper level of the powerhouse, but have heard rumors of a restaurant. We'll see.


Lynette said…
Thanks for sneaking over and getting this photo. Let's hope for a successful outcome for the second floor and for meeting the June schedule.
Lowell said…
I love the combination of brick and stone...this is a gorgeous structure. From my point of view, a restaurant would be the perfect thing for the top floor!

Thanks for being so sneaky! You gals from Minnesota! Sheesh! And I know, I married one!

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