A Shot of Spring

In the dead of winter. Yellow lily. I had to pull this from the archives as I stayed home from work today. I wouldn't say that I was playing hokey, but I wasn't sick ;-)


Randy said…
What a beautiful bloom.
Lowell said…
Well, talk about a teaser...you stayed home from work but you weren't sick" ... hmmm ... must have had some artistic endeavors to accomplish! Or...is Tom home?

Beautiful yellow flower! Spring will be here in all its glory soon.

Re your question on Colorado: I think that was what was left of an old mining cabin. We found several of them in the mountains...even found some old nails.
RamblingRound said…
Pretty ruffly flower! And why did you stay home if you weren't sick, my dear? You have got us wondering now! Hope you are having a great weekend.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Just one of 'those' days hey Barb! Lovely hibiscus bloom.

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