Anyone Here?

As a rule, I do not eat KFC, but because I went to the wedding show yesterday Tom talked me into bringing some home; he likes it. He worked there back in the day. My mother worked there for a number of years too when my brother and I were in grade school. Needless to say, I have eaten my share of fried chicken over the years. Most of their business was coming thru the drive thru; I prefer to go inside so I can see how clean it is :)


Lowell said…
Oh dear. I can't eat this stuff anymore, although I like it a lot. But a few years ago we were in Colorado and I stopped to bring home a bunch of chicken for dinner at our daughter's house.

It was bad. I slept on the bathroom floor for three days and nights! A nightmare.

That doesn't mean all KFC's sell bad meat but my mind will not allow to go near a KFC restaurant! :)

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