Getting Creative

Last week TOM built me a cabinet for my studio. Well, this weekend I put it to use. I started a journal page (trying to use the travel ephemera in a creative way) and painted a seascape watercolor using one of my photographs for inspiration.
I painted the top of the cabinet with chalkboard paint. Do you have any idea how hard it it so find chalk these days? You can find plenty of dry erase markers, but I didn't buy dry erase paint, so ...
The cabinet has several size cubbys. I have a large cubby for a rolling cart for pens, paper, paint. I have some smaller cubbys for baskets and boxes for hidden storage. And finally, I have some vertical cubbys for storing frames, paint board, and large sheets of watercolor paper. The following shot is a 'before' of this space. Very cluttered with everything sitting on the floor.
The following shot is the after. Everything in its place, ready to go.


Lowell said…
I think you guys should go on HGTV on one of those "before/after" shows! Kudos to Tom and to you for designing and putting this together. I'll bet you're loving it!
Randy said…
What a great little studio you have there. I love it.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely creative space... I hope to have a studio again before long...
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Unbelievable Barb..what a complete makeover. Gosh you are a great team.. You should be able to put you hand on exactly what you need just like that!!
Hilda said…
Can you come over here and do my crafts/dressing room? I'm a mess!

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