Panama City Beach this Morning

We have had storms in the area for the last 24 hours or so so no shooting. I am not at the beach, but an acquaintance is and she took the photo that I used as my inspiration. I still have trouble knowing when to stop and am still learning watercolor technique, I think a pretty good effort.

I know this does not actually meet the criteria for the daily photo group, but I did take the photo today ;-) Happy Saturday everyone.


Lowell said…
Thank you for sharing and while I'm no artist I can see that your skill is rapidly improving. This is just excellent. Be proud!
Hilda said…
I would love to learn how to paint with watercolors, but a painterly effect like this on photos is probably all that I will be able to manage too. Very lovely.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Oh well done Barb, a beautiful painting indeed, so nice to see..would be nice to see more of your work.

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